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Rich forest green velvet gowns and dresses, complemented by the most elegant of sage shades - meet the EVERGREEN collection by Folkster. Inspired by our beautiful Irish landscapes, these gowns, dresses and separates are some of our best sellers. They make for amazing Bridesmaids mix and match fashions, or black tie events, special occasions or whatever you fancy!

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76 products

Save €83,98Sara Gown - Emerald GreenSara Gown - Emerald Green
Sara Gown - Emerald Green Sale price€195,97 Regular price€279,95
Save €65,98Julia Cape Back Dress - Emerald GreenJulia Cape Back Dress - Emerald Green
Julia Cape Back Dress - Emerald Green Sale price€153,97 Regular price€219,95
Delilah Heels - Textured GoldDelilah Heels - Textured Gold
Gwen Dress - OliveGwen Dress - Olive
Gwen Dress - Olive Sale price€229,95
Palmer Beaded Belt - GreenPalmer Beaded Belt - Green
Palmer Beaded Belt - Green Sale price€39,95
Save €88,78Annette Hand Beaded Gown - SageAnnette Hand Beaded Gown - Sage
Annette Hand Beaded Gown - Sage Sale price€207,17 Regular price€295,95
Zorya Beaded Headband - SageZorya Beaded Headband - Sage
Zorya Beaded Headband - Sage Sale price€44,95
Jade Velvet Belt - Forest GreenJade Velvet Belt - Forest Green
Renee Gown - Forest GreenRenee Gown - Forest Green
Renee Gown - Forest Green Sale price€189,95
Imperial Belt - Forest GreenImperial Belt - Forest Green
Imperial Belt - Forest Green Sale price€44,95
Fleur Satin Gown - Forest GreenFleur Satin Gown - Forest Green
Lexa Hand Beaded Gown - SageLexa Hand Beaded Gown - Sage
Lexa Hand Beaded Gown - Sage Sale price€229,00
Inara Beaded Headband - SageInara Beaded Headband - Sage
Inara Beaded Headband - Sage Sale price€39,95
Marissa Gown - SageMarissa Gown - Sage
Marissa Gown - Sage Sale price€189,95
Delilah Heels - SilverDelilah Heels - Silver
Delilah Heels - Silver Sale price€49,00
Virginia Beaded Belt - Forest GreenVirginia Beaded Belt - Forest Green
Marissa Velvet Gown - Forest GreenMarissa Velvet Gown - Forest Green
Tallie Gown - Forest GreenTallie Gown - Forest Green
Tallie Gown - Forest Green Sale price€209,95
Loni Gown - Forest GreenLoni Gown - Forest Green
Loni Gown - Forest Green Sale price€209,95
Feather Belt - Forest GreenFeather Belt - Forest Green
Feather Belt - Forest Green Sale price€29,95
Feather Belt - OliveFeather Belt - Olive
Feather Belt - Olive Sale price€29,95
Sold outAdeline Gown - OliveAdeline Gown - Olive
Adeline Gown - Olive Sale price€179,95
Palmer Beaded Belt - OlivePalmer Beaded Belt - Olive
Palmer Beaded Belt - Olive Sale price€39,95
Lopez Gown - OliveLopez Gown - Olive
Lopez Gown - Olive Sale price€239,95
Della Gown - OliveDella Gown - Olive
Della Gown - Olive Sale price€225,95
Imperial Belt - OliveImperial Belt - Olive
Imperial Belt - Olive Sale price€44,95
Fleur Velvet Gown - Forest GreenFleur Velvet Gown - Forest Green
Sold outAyla Gown - Forest GreenAyla Gown - Forest Green
Ayla Gown - Forest Green Sale price€179,95
Save €60,00Avril Bodice - SageAvril Bodice - Sage
Avril Bodice - Sage Sale price€29,95 Regular price€89,95
Baltimore Beaded BeltBaltimore Beaded Belt
Baltimore Beaded Belt Sale price€34,95
Sarena Skirt  - SageSarena Skirt  - Sage
Sarena Skirt - Sage Sale price€149,95
Lalita Handmade Beaded Headband - SageLalita Handmade Beaded Headband - Sage
Chandra Earrings - CrystalChandra Earrings - Crystal
Chandra Earrings - Crystal Sale price€29,95
One of Folkster's dark green bridesmaid dressesFabia High Back Gown - Forest Green
Luda Velvet Gown - Forest GreenLuda Velvet Gown - Forest Green
Delilah Heels - PewterDelilah Heels - Pewter
Delilah Heels - Pewter Sale price€49,00
Dakota Beaded BeltDakota Beaded Belt
Dakota Beaded Belt Sale price€36,95
Save €24,50Delilah Heels - GreenDelilah Heels - Green
Delilah Heels - Green Sale price€24,50 Regular price€49,00
Fleur Velvet Gown - OliveFleur Velvet Gown - Olive
Fleur Velvet Gown - Olive Sale price€229,95
Renata High Back Gown - Sage
Renata High Back Gown - Sage Sale price€189,95
sage floor length dress by Folksterasymmetrical green dress
Fleur Gown - Sage Sale price€189,95
Feather Belt - SageFeather Belt - Sage
Feather Belt - Sage Sale price€29,95
Iris Heels - Textured GoldIris Heels - Textured Gold
Iris Heels - Textured Gold Sale price€49,00
Maye Gown - Olive GreenMaye Gown - Olive Green
Maye Gown - Olive Green Sale price€179,95
Imperial Belt - SageImperial Belt - Sage
Imperial Belt - Sage Sale price€44,95
Fabia High Back Gown - OliveFabia High Back Gown - Olive
Fabia High Back Gown - Olive Sale price€179,95
satin dress front showing full lengthRear view of dress showing v back detail
Renata High Back Gown - Olive Sale price€189,95
Moira Gown - OliveMoira Gown - Olive
Moira Gown - Olive Sale price€197,00