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Little White Dress

Our Little White Dress Collection is your one stop shop for your Engagement Party and Day 2 Wedding looks, full of classic and comfortable pieces that can be worn again & again! Why not complete your look with Folkster pairing your dresses with one of our gorgeous headpieces or belts to add a bit of sparkle.

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47 products

Suvi Dress - IvorySuvi Dress - Ivory
Suvi Dress - Ivory Sale price€197,95
Felicity Gloves - IvoryFelicity Gloves - Ivory
Felicity Gloves - Ivory Sale price€29,95
Wren Headpiece - IvoryWren Headpiece - Ivory
Wren Headpiece - Ivory Sale price€19,95
Cassidy Dress - IvoryCassidy Dress - Ivory
Cassidy Dress - Ivory Sale price€197,95
Ever Mini Dress - IvoryEver Mini Dress - Ivory
Ever Mini Dress - Ivory Sale price€179,95
Wren Scrunchie - IvoryWren Scrunchie - Ivory
Wren Scrunchie - Ivory Sale price€9,95
Lola Dress - Ivory MultiLola Dress - Ivory Multi
Lola Dress - Ivory Multi Sale price€197,95
Dottie Headpiece - IvoryDottie Headpiece - Ivory
Dottie Headpiece - Ivory Sale price€19,95
Delilah Heels - Textured GoldDelilah Heels - Textured Gold
Aria Headpiece - IvoryAria Headpiece - Ivory
Aria Headpiece - Ivory Sale price€29,95
Dayton Beaded Belt - IvoryDayton Beaded Belt - Ivory
Dayton Beaded Belt - Ivory Sale price€29,95
Aryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - IvoryAryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - Ivory
Delilah Heels - PewterDelilah Heels - Pewter
Delilah Heels - Pewter Sale price€49,00
Imperial Belt - SilverImperial Belt - Silver
Imperial Belt - Silver Sale price€44,95
Online OnlyMadeline Hand Embellished Midi Dress - Ivory
Faux fur Shawl - IvoryFaux fur Shawl - Ivory
Faux fur Shawl - Ivory Sale price€79,00
Iris Heels - PewterIris Heels - Pewter
Iris Heels - Pewter Sale price€49,00
Shiloh Beaded BeltShiloh Beaded Belt
Shiloh Beaded Belt Sale price€49,95
Amel Earrings - Pearl/Silver/CrystalAmel Earrings - Pearl/Silver/Crystal
Shailene Mini Dress - IvoryShailene Mini Dress - Ivory
Shailene Mini Dress - Ivory Sale price€129,95
Zorya Beaded Headband - SageZorya Beaded Headband - Sage
Zorya Beaded Headband - Sage Sale price€44,95
Lalita Handmade Beaded Headband - SageLalita Handmade Beaded Headband - Sage
Eviana Hand Beaded Dress - IvoryEviana Hand Beaded Dress - Ivory
Delilah Heels - SilverDelilah Heels - Silver
Delilah Heels - Silver Sale price€49,00
Sadhbh Beaded Top - Ivory MultiSadhbh Beaded Top - Ivory Multi
Iris Heels - BlushIris Heels - Blush
Iris Heels - Blush Sale price€49,00
Marissa Velvet Gown - IvoryMarissa Velvet Gown - Ivory
Marissa Velvet Gown - Ivory Sale price€249,95
Delilah Heels - BlushDelilah Heels - Blush
Delilah Heels - Blush Sale price€49,00
white floral midi dress by FolksterMadeline Hand Embellished Floral Midi Dress - Ivory Multi
Delta Beaded BeltDelta Beaded Belt
Delta Beaded Belt Sale price€39,95
Estella Hand Beaded Midi Dress - IvoryEstella Hand Beaded Midi Dress - Ivory
Iris Heels - Textured GoldIris Heels - Textured Gold
Iris Heels - Textured Gold Sale price€49,00
Allira Hand Beaded Top - IvoryAllira Hand Beaded Top - Ivory
Allira Hand Beaded Top - Ivory Sale price€109,95
Zorra Beaded Belt - IvoryZorra Beaded Belt - Ivory
Zorra Beaded Belt - Ivory Sale price€29,95
Robyn Gown (Hand Beaded) - Gold
Gwen Dress - Antique GoldGwen Dress - Antique Gold
Gwen Dress - Antique Gold Sale price€197,95
Annalise Cape - GoldAnnalise Cape - Gold
Annalise Cape - Gold Sale price€97,00
Baker Beaded BeltBaker Beaded Belt
Baker Beaded Belt Sale price€29,95
Rayel Beaded Belt - IvoryRayel Beaded Belt - Ivory
Rayel Beaded Belt - Ivory Sale price€29,95
Save €30,00Bryce Wrap Top - IvoryBryce Wrap Top - Ivory
Bryce Wrap Top - Ivory Sale price€89,95 Regular price€119,95
Save €120,00Calla Gown - IvoryCalla Gown - Ivory
Calla Gown - Ivory Sale price€69,95 Regular price€189,95
Save €89,05Robyn Dress (Hand Beaded) - Ivory
Robyn Dress (Hand Beaded) - Ivory Sale price€149,95 Regular price€239,00
Save €52,00Alena Midi Dress - IvoryAlena Midi Dress - Ivory
Alena Midi Dress - Ivory Sale price€97,95 Regular price€149,95
Save €30,00Katie Dress - IvoryKatie Dress - Ivory
Katie Dress - Ivory Sale price€149,95 Regular price€179,95
Sold outSave €50,00Saya Luxe Lace Top - IvorySaya Luxe Lace Top - Ivory
Saya Luxe Lace Top - Ivory Sale price€19,95 Regular price€69,95
Aryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - Antique GoldAryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - Antique Gold
Save €89,05Robyn Dress - (Hand Beaded) GoldRobyn Dress - (Hand Beaded) Gold
Robyn Dress - (Hand Beaded) Gold Sale price€149,95 Regular price€239,00