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Debs & Prom

Our debs & prom dresses collection has been hand selected by our team of stylists to help you on your hunt for the perfect dress.
All of our gowns are designed here in Ireland.

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Reagan Gown - BlackReagan Gown - Black
Reagan Gown - Black Sale price€229,95
Sold outRian Sequin Gown - Light GoldRian Sequin Gown - Light Gold
Rian Sequin Gown - Light Gold Sale price€229,95
Save €59,38Stellar Gown - BlackStellar Gown - Black
Stellar Gown - Black Sale price€138,57 Regular price€197,95
Rian Sequin Gown - Forest GreenRian Sequin Gown - Forest Green
Delilah Heels - Textured GoldDelilah Heels - Textured Gold
Rian Velvet Gown - BlackRian Velvet Gown - Black
Rian Velvet Gown - Black Sale price€229,95
Rue Velvet Dress - BlackRue Velvet Dress - Black
Rue Velvet Dress - Black Sale price€197,95
Marigold Gown - OchreMarigold Gown - Ochre
Marigold Gown - Ochre Sale price€239,95
Renee Gown - BlackRenee Gown - Black
Renee Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Rian Gown - BlackRian Gown - Black
Rian Gown - Black Sale price€179,95
Sold outMaddox Gown - BlackMaddox Gown - Black
Maddox Gown - Black Sale price€197,95
Rue Velvet Bodice - BlackRue Velvet Bodice - Black
Rue Velvet Bodice - Black Sale price€89,95
Delilah Heels - PewterDelilah Heels - Pewter
Delilah Heels - Pewter Sale price€49,00
Ever Mini Dress - IvoryEver Mini Dress - Ivory
Ever Mini Dress - Ivory Sale price€179,95
Save €60,00Nero Gown - Cashmere BlueNero Gown - Cashmere Blue
Nero Gown - Cashmere Blue Sale price€159,95 Regular price€219,95
Fleur Gown - Cashmere BlueFleur Gown - Cashmere Blue
Fleur Gown - Cashmere Blue Sale price€189,95
Imperial Belt - SilverImperial Belt - Silver
Imperial Belt - Silver Sale price€44,95
Save €60,00Nero Gown - TealNero Gown - Teal
Nero Gown - Teal Sale price€159,95 Regular price€219,95
Sold outCaprice Handmade EarringsCaprice Handmade Earrings
Caprice Handmade Earrings Sale price€14,95
Fleur Gown - TealFleur Gown - Teal
Fleur Gown - Teal Sale price€189,95
Amel Earrings - Pearl/Silver/CrystalAmel Earrings - Pearl/Silver/Crystal
Rian Gown - PetrolRian Gown - Petrol
Rian Gown - Petrol Sale price€179,95
Naomi Gown - Infinity BlueNaomi Gown - Infinity Blue
Naomi Gown - Infinity Blue Sale price€219,95
Fleur Gown - BlackFleur Gown - Black
Fleur Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Loni Gown - MidnightLoni Gown - Midnight
Loni Gown - Midnight Sale price€209,95
Emaline Belt - NavyEmaline Belt - Navy
Emaline Belt - Navy Sale price€39,95
Sold outAyla Gown - MidnightAyla Gown - Midnight
Ayla Gown - Midnight Sale price€179,95
Save €24,50Delilah Heels - BlueDelilah Heels - Blue
Delilah Heels - Blue Sale price€24,50 Regular price€49,00
Fleur Velvet Gown - MidnightFleur Velvet Gown - Midnight
Fleur Velvet Gown - Midnight Sale price€229,95
Baker Beaded Belt - MidnightBaker Beaded Belt - Midnight
Baker Beaded Belt - Midnight Sale price€29,95
Delilah Heels - SilverDelilah Heels - Silver
Delilah Heels - Silver Sale price€49,00
Romita Gown - MidnightRomita Gown - Midnight
Romita Gown - Midnight Sale price€149,95
Monique Headband  - SilverMonique Headband  - Silver
Monique Headband - Silver Sale price€89,95
Sold outRian Sequin Gown - MidnightRian Sequin Gown - Midnight
Rian Sequin Gown - Midnight Sale price€229,95
Moira Gown - OliveMoira Gown - Olive
Moira Gown - Olive Sale price€197,00
Fleur Velvet Gown - OliveFleur Velvet Gown - Olive
Fleur Velvet Gown - Olive Sale price€229,95
Save €60,00Rian Velvet Gown - RustRian Velvet Gown - Rust
Rian Velvet Gown - Rust Sale price€169,95 Regular price€229,95
Raffi Beaded Belt - RustRaffi Beaded Belt - Rust
Raffi Beaded Belt - Rust Sale price€34,95
Rian Gown - RustRian Gown - Rust
Rian Gown - Rust Sale price€179,95
Sabine Beaded Belt - RustSabine Beaded Belt - Rust
Sabine Beaded Belt - Rust Sale price€29,95
Fleur Satin Gown - RustFleur Satin Gown - Rust
Fleur Satin Gown - Rust Sale price€239,95
Save €60,00Avril Bodice - Dusty RoseAvril Bodice - Dusty Rose
Avril Bodice - Dusty Rose Sale price€29,95 Regular price€89,95
Sarena Skirt - Dusty Rose
Sarena Skirt - Dusty Rose Sale price€149,95
Fleur Gown - Dusty RoseFleur Gown - Dusty Rose
Fleur Gown - Dusty Rose Sale price€189,95
Save €24,50Albi Heels - MauveAlbi Heels - Mauve
Albi Heels - Mauve Sale price€24,50 Regular price€49,00
Feather Belt - BlushFeather Belt - Blush
Feather Belt - Blush Sale price€29,95
Lexa Hand Beaded Gown - Dusty RoseLexa Hand Beaded Gown - Dusty Rose
Save €24,50Albi Heels - BlushAlbi Heels - Blush
Albi Heels - Blush Sale price€24,50 Regular price€49,00