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Bridesmaids by colour

Burgundy Bridesmaids dresses

Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice with our bridesmaids and there's so many styles to choose from.

Fleur Velvet Gown - BurgundyFleur Velvet Gown - Burgundy
Fleur Velvet Gown - Burgundy Sale price€229,95
Delilah Heels - PewterDelilah Heels - Pewter
Delilah Heels - Pewter Sale price€49,00
Yvette Velvet Gown - BurgundyYvette Velvet Gown - Burgundy
Yvette Velvet Gown - Burgundy Sale price€259,95
Bonnie Cuff Earrings - Smokey Pewter
Meere Headband - PewterMeere Headband - Pewter
Meere Headband - Pewter Sale price€32,95
Maye Gown - BurgundyMaye Gown - Burgundy
Maye Gown - Burgundy Sale price€179,95
Iris Heels - PewterIris Heels - Pewter
Iris Heels - Pewter Sale price€49,00
Sarena Skirt - BurgundySarena Skirt - Burgundy
Sarena Skirt - Burgundy Sale price€149,95
Tallie Gown - BurgundyTallie Gown - Burgundy
Tallie Gown - Burgundy Sale price€209,95
Orla Earrings - Smokey PewterOrla Earrings - Smokey Pewter
Luda Velvet Gown - BurgundyLuda Velvet Gown - Burgundy
Luda Velvet Gown - Burgundy Sale price€169,95
Save €68,00Zola Luxe Dress - BurgundyZola Luxe Dress - Burgundy
Zola Luxe Dress - Burgundy Sale price€129,95 Regular price€197,95