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Bridesmaids by colour

Blue & Midnight Bridesmaids dresses

From Cashmere blue to Midnight blue these bridesmaid dresses are a stylish option for any modern bride. Available in both satin and crepe our dresses can be mixed and matched for your perfect bridal party look.

Fleur Gown Detachable Bow - Cashmere BlueFleur Gown Detachable Bow - Cashmere Blue
Amaya Beaded Belt - BlueAmaya Beaded Belt - Blue
Amaya Beaded Belt - Blue Sale price€34,95
Maye Gown - Cashmere BlueMaye Gown - Cashmere Blue
Maye Gown - Cashmere Blue Sale price€179,95
Delilah Heels - PewterDelilah Heels - Pewter
Delilah Heels - Pewter Sale price€49,00
Vivienne Gown - Cashmere BlueVivienne Gown - Cashmere Blue
Vivienne Gown - Cashmere Blue Sale price€219,95
Fleur Chiffon Gown Detachable Bow - Cashmere BlueFleur Chiffon Gown Detachable Bow - Cashmere Blue
Save €60,00Nero Gown - Cashmere BlueNero Gown - Cashmere Blue
Nero Gown - Cashmere Blue Sale price€159,95 Regular price€219,95
Fleur Gown - Cashmere BlueFleur Gown - Cashmere Blue
Fleur Gown - Cashmere Blue Sale price€189,95
Finlay Hand Embellished Gown - Grey/BlueFinlay Hand Embellished Gown - Grey/Blue
Fabia High Back Gown - Dusty BlueFabia High Back Gown - Dusty Blue
Renata High Back Gown - Dusty BlueRenata High Back Gown - Dusty Blue
Olympia Hand Embellished Gown - Blue MultiOlympia Hand Embellished Gown - Blue Multi
Tessa Skirt  - Dusty BlueTessa Skirt  - Dusty Blue
Tessa Skirt - Dusty Blue Sale price€79,95
Save €24,50Albi Heels - BlueAlbi Heels - Blue
Albi Heels - Blue Sale price€24,50 Regular price€49,00
Camila Gown - MidnightCamila Gown - Midnight
Camila Gown - Midnight Sale price€219,95
Nora Beaded Belt - Ivory with Navy ribbonNora Beaded Belt - Ivory with Navy ribbon
Maye Gown - MidnightMaye Gown - Midnight
Maye Gown - Midnight Sale price€179,95
Kate Velvet Gown - MidnightKate Velvet Gown - Midnight
Kate Velvet Gown - Midnight Sale price€239,95
Emaline Belt - NavyEmaline Belt - Navy
Emaline Belt - Navy Sale price€39,95
Blanche Cape - MidnightBlanche Cape - Midnight
Blanche Cape - Midnight Sale price€89,95
Imperial Belt - MidnightImperial Belt - Midnight
Imperial Belt - Midnight Sale price€44,95
Fleur Velvet Gown - MidnightFleur Velvet Gown - Midnight
Fleur Velvet Gown - Midnight Sale price€229,95
Tallie Gown - MidnightTallie Gown - Midnight
Tallie Gown - Midnight Sale price€209,95
Loni Gown - MidnightLoni Gown - Midnight
Loni Gown - Midnight Sale price€209,95
Marissa Gown - MidnightMarissa Gown - Midnight
Marissa Gown - Midnight Sale price€189,95
one of Folkster's ankle length dressesFabia High Back Gown - Midnight
Renata High Back Gown - MidnightRenata High Back Gown - Midnight
Save €24,50Cassie Heels - MidnightCassie Heels - Midnight
Cassie Heels - Midnight Sale price€24,50 Regular price€49,00
Rian Gown - MidnightRian Gown - Midnight
Rian Gown - Midnight Sale price€179,95
Renata High Back Gown - M1 - MidnightRenata High Back Gown - M1 - Midnight
Freya Hand Embellished Gown - MidnightFreya Hand Embellished Gown - Midnight
Ribbon Tie Belt - NavyRibbon Tie Belt - Navy
Ribbon Tie Belt - Navy Sale price€19,95
Romita Gown - MidnightRomita Gown - Midnight
Romita Gown - Midnight Sale price€149,95
Baker Beaded Belt - MidnightBaker Beaded Belt - Midnight
Baker Beaded Belt - Midnight Sale price€29,95
Naomi Gown - Infinity BlueNaomi Gown - Infinity Blue
Naomi Gown - Infinity Blue Sale price€219,95
Save €24,50Delilah Heels - BlueDelilah Heels - Blue
Delilah Heels - Blue Sale price€24,50 Regular price€49,00
Sarena Skirt - MidnightSarena Skirt - Midnight
Sarena Skirt - Midnight Sale price€149,95
Sarena Skirt - Dusty BlueSarena Skirt - Dusty Blue
Sarena Skirt - Dusty Blue Sale price€149,95
Sarena Satin Skirt - Infinity BlueSarena Satin Skirt - Infinity Blue