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The latest clothes from Folkster here in Ireland - and yes we do ship world-wide :) Featuring a mix of our own new Irish design & responsibly made or sourced dresses, gowns, tops, jackets, skirts, capes, belts, accessories and more! Perfect for your occasion or daywear - find an outfit for a wedding guest, bridesmaid look, the races, party wear or whatever you fancy :)

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Charlotte Mini Dress - IvoryCharlotte Mini Dress - Ivory
Charlotte Mini Dress - Ivory Sale price€139,95
New InAudrey Dress - PetrolAudrey Dress - Petrol
Audrey Dress - Petrol Sale price€189,95
Suvi Dress - IvorySuvi Dress - Ivory
Suvi Dress - Ivory Sale price€197,95
Coming SoonSold outDella Gown - Petrol
Della Gown - Petrol Sale price€225,95
Cassidy Dress - IvoryCassidy Dress - Ivory
Cassidy Dress - Ivory Sale price€197,95
Reese Dress - TealReese Dress - Teal
Reese Dress - Teal Sale price€179,95
Edwina Satin Gown - PetrolEdwina Satin Gown - Petrol
Edwina Satin Gown - Petrol Sale price€197,95
Austen Gown - SageAusten Gown - Sage
Austen Gown - Sage Sale price€197,95
Fleur Chiffon Gown Detachable Bow - SageFleur Chiffon Gown Detachable Bow - Sage
Edwina Gown - SageEdwina Gown - Sage
Edwina Gown - Sage Sale price€189,95
Olympia Hand Embellished Gown - Blue MultiOlympia Hand Embellished Gown - Blue Multi
Fleur Chiffon Gown Detachable Bow - Cashmere BlueFleur Chiffon Gown Detachable Bow - Cashmere Blue
Maye Gown - Cashmere BlueMaye Gown - Cashmere Blue
Maye Gown - Cashmere Blue Sale price€179,95
Finlay Hand Embellished Gown - Grey/BlueFinlay Hand Embellished Gown - Grey/Blue
Lola Dress - Ivory MultiLola Dress - Ivory Multi
Lola Dress - Ivory Multi Sale price€197,95
Reese Dress - CinnamonReese Dress - Cinnamon
Reese Dress - Cinnamon Sale price€179,95
Della Gown - MarsalaDella Gown - Marsala
Della Gown - Marsala Sale price€225,95
Blanche Cape - MarsalaBlanche Cape - Marsala
Blanche Cape - Marsala Sale price€89,95
Fleur Satin Gown Detachable Bow - MarsalaFleur Satin Gown Detachable Bow - Marsala
Maye Gown - MarsalaMaye Gown - Marsala
Maye Gown - Marsala Sale price€179,95
Edwina Satin Gown - MarsalaEdwina Satin Gown - Marsala
Edwina Satin Gown - Marsala Sale price€197,95
Edwina Gown - Forest GreenEdwina Gown - Forest Green
Edwina Gown - Forest Green Sale price€189,95
Edwina Gown - BlackEdwina Gown - Black
Edwina Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Camila Gown - MidnightCamila Gown - Midnight
Camila Gown - Midnight Sale price€219,95
Reese Luxe Velvet Dress - Forest GreenReese Luxe Velvet Dress - Forest Green