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Searching for that special occasion dress?

From wedding guest dresses, wedding day 2 dress, hen party dress, race day dress, engagement party dress, birthday dress, event dresses, summer dresses to everything in between - we have a curated collection of Irish design or hand picked by Folkster options for you to choose from!

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57 products

New InAudrey Dress - PetrolAudrey Dress - Petrol
Audrey Dress - Petrol Sale price€189,95
Reese Dress - TealReese Dress - Teal
Reese Dress - Teal Sale price€179,95
Celine Dress - Sage MultiCeline Dress - Sage Multi
Celine Dress - Sage Multi Sale price€139,95
Lola Dress - Ivory MultiLola Dress - Ivory Multi
Lola Dress - Ivory Multi Sale price€197,95
Cassidy Dress - IvoryCassidy Dress - Ivory
Cassidy Dress - Ivory Sale price€197,95
Ada Dress - Ivory MultiAda Dress - Ivory Multi
Ada Dress - Ivory Multi Sale price€149,95
Charlotte Mini Dress - IvoryCharlotte Mini Dress - Ivory
Charlotte Mini Dress - Ivory Sale price€139,95
Eve Mini Dress - IvoryEve Mini Dress - Ivory
Eve Mini Dress - Ivory Sale price€179,95
Suvi Dress - IvorySuvi Dress - Ivory
Suvi Dress - Ivory Sale price€197,95
Ever Mini Dress - IvoryEver Mini Dress - Ivory
Ever Mini Dress - Ivory Sale price€179,95
Online OnlyMadeline Hand Embellished Midi Dress - Ivory
white floral midi dress by FolksterMadeline Hand Embellished Floral Midi Dress - Ivory Multi
Shailene Mini Dress - IvoryShailene Mini Dress - Ivory
Shailene Mini Dress - Ivory Sale price€179,95
Aryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - IvoryAryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - Ivory
Estella Hand Beaded Midi Dress - IvoryEstella Hand Beaded Midi Dress - Ivory
Thea Dress - CharcoalThea Dress - Charcoal
Thea Dress - Charcoal Sale price€197,95
Reese Dress - CinnamonReese Dress - Cinnamon
Reese Dress - Cinnamon Sale price€179,95
Ever Dress - Coral
Ever Dress - Coral Sale price€229,95
Ever Dress - LavenderEver Dress - Lavender
Ever Dress - Lavender Sale price€229,95
Eve Mini Dress - BerryEve Mini Dress - Berry
Eve Mini Dress - Berry Sale price€179,95
Madeline Hand Embellished Midi Dress - RaspberryMadeline Hand Embellished Midi Dress - Raspberry
Rue Mini Dress - BlackRue Mini Dress - Black
Rue Mini Dress - Black Sale price€79,95
Sasha Hand Embellished Dress - Black MultiSasha Hand Embellished Dress - Black Multi
Mia Velvet Dress - BlackMia Velvet Dress - Black
Mia Velvet Dress - Black Sale price€179,95
Rue Velvet Dress - BlackRue Velvet Dress - Black
Rue Velvet Dress - Black Sale price€197,95
Azura Hand Beaded Dress - BlackAzura Hand Beaded Dress - Black
Moonscape Midi Dress - PrintMoonscape Midi Dress - Print
Moonscape Midi Dress - Print Sale price€97,95
Yvette Velvet Midi Dress - MidnightYvette Velvet Midi Dress - Midnight
Calla Velvet Dress - TealCalla Velvet Dress - Teal
Calla Velvet Dress - Teal Sale price€197,95
Reese Velvet Dress - Blue
Reese Velvet Dress - Blue Sale price€219,95
Ever Dress - TealEver Dress - Teal
Ever Dress - Teal Sale price€229,95
Reese Luxe Velvet Dress - Forest GreenReese Luxe Velvet Dress - Forest Green
Save €30,00Katie Dress - IvoryKatie Dress - Ivory
Katie Dress - Ivory Sale price€149,95 Regular price€179,95
Save €41,05Robyn Dress (Hand Beaded) - Ivory
Robyn Dress (Hand Beaded) - Ivory Sale price€197,95 Regular price€239,00
Eviana Hand Beaded Dress - IvoryEviana Hand Beaded Dress - Ivory
Save €120,00Boho Maxi Dress - SageBoho Maxi Dress - Sage
Boho Maxi Dress - Sage Sale price€109,95 Regular price€229,95
Save €71,05Audrina Hand Embroidered Midi Dress - MauveAudrina Hand Embroidered Midi Dress - Mauve
Audrina Hand Embroidered Midi Dress - Mauve Sale price€125,95 Regular price€197,00
Save €59,38Hazel Dress - RaspberryHazel Dress - Raspberry
Hazel Dress - Raspberry Sale price€138,57 Regular price€197,95
Save €53,98Shailene Mini Dress - BurgundyShailene Mini Dress - Burgundy
Shailene Mini Dress - Burgundy Sale price€125,97 Regular price€179,95
Save €59,38Seraphina Dress - BurgundySeraphina Dress - Burgundy
Seraphina Dress - Burgundy Sale price€138,57 Regular price€197,95
Save €65,98Ruby Dress - BurgundyRuby Dress - Burgundy
Ruby Dress - Burgundy Sale price€153,97 Regular price€219,95
Save €59,38Seraphina Dress - BlackSeraphina Dress - Black
Seraphina Dress - Black Sale price€138,57 Regular price€197,95
Save €80,00Adele Dress - PetrolAdele Dress - Petrol
Adele Dress - Petrol Sale price€79,95 Regular price€159,95
Save €88,00Boho Midi Dress - Dusty BlueBoho Midi Dress - Dusty Blue
Boho Midi Dress - Dusty Blue Sale price€109,95 Regular price€197,95
Save €65,98Sara Dress - MidnightSara Dress - Midnight
Sara Dress - Midnight Sale price€153,97 Regular price€219,95
Save €59,38Shailene Midi Dress - Midnight
Shailene Midi Dress - Midnight Sale price€138,57 Regular price€197,95
Save €59,38Seraphina Dress - NavySeraphina Dress - Navy
Seraphina Dress - Navy Sale price€138,57 Regular price€197,95
Save €56,98Eviana Hand Beaded Dress - Antique GoldEviana Hand Beaded Dress - Antique Gold
Eviana Hand Beaded Dress - Antique Gold Sale price€132,97 Regular price€189,95