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Bridesmaids by colour

Black Bridesmaids dresses

Black bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice with our bridesmaids and there's so many styles to choose from.

Austen Gown - BlackAusten Gown - Black
Austen Gown - Black Sale price€197,95
Suvi Earrings - BlackSuvi Earrings - Black
Suvi Earrings - Black Sale price€29,95
Fleur Gown Detachable Bow - BlackFleur Gown Detachable Bow - Black
Edwina Gown - BlackEdwina Gown - Black
Edwina Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Suvi Earrings - Crystal
Suvi Earrings - Crystal Sale price€29,95
Paige Hand Embellished Gown - BlackPaige Hand Embellished Gown - Black
Ella EarringsElla Earrings
Ella Earrings Sale price€29,95
Yvette Velvet Gown - BlackYvette Velvet Gown - Black
Yvette Velvet Gown - Black Sale price€259,95
Quinn Hand Beaded Gown - BlackQuinn Hand Beaded Gown - Black
Quinn Hand Beaded Gown - Black Sale price€259,95
Fleur Gown - BlackFleur Gown - Black
Fleur Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Rian Gown - BlackRian Gown - Black
Rian Gown - Black Sale price€179,95
v neck black dress one of Folkster's full length evening dresses from the Maye collection
Maye Gown - Black Sale price€179,95
Save €90,00Helene Velvet Gown - BlackHelene Velvet Gown - Black
Helene Velvet Gown - Black Sale price€159,95 Regular price€249,95
Rian Velvet Gown - BlackRian Velvet Gown - Black
Rian Velvet Gown - Black Sale price€229,95
Full length shot of black wrap dress by FolksterRenata High Back Gown - Black
Renata High Back Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Renata High Back Satin Gown - BlackRenata High Back Satin Gown - Black
Renee Gown - BlackRenee Gown - Black
Renee Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Save €60,00Hilary Gown - BlackHilary Gown - Black
Hilary Gown - Black Sale price€139,95 Regular price€199,95
Fabia High Back Satin Gown - BlackFabia High Back Satin Gown - Black
Reagan Gown - BlackReagan Gown - Black
Reagan Gown - Black Sale price€229,95
Fabia High Back Gown - BlackFabia High Back Gown - Black
Fabia High Back Gown - Black Sale price€179,95
Rue Velvet Bodice - BlackRue Velvet Bodice - Black
Rue Velvet Bodice - Black Sale price€89,95
Laurel Cape - BlackLaurel Cape - Black
Laurel Cape - Black Sale price€129,00
Save €35,98Bryce Wrap Top - BlackBryce Wrap Top - Black
Bryce Wrap Top - Black Sale price€83,97 Regular price€119,95
Save €59,38Seraphina Dress - BlackSeraphina Dress - Black
Seraphina Dress - Black Sale price€138,57 Regular price€197,95
Blake Sheer Top - BlackBlake Sheer Top - Black
Blake Sheer Top - Black Sale price€49,95
Rue Velvet Dress - BlackRue Velvet Dress - Black
Rue Velvet Dress - Black Sale price€197,95
Stacey Skirt - BlackStacey Skirt - Black
Stacey Skirt - Black Sale price€149,95
Janis Hand Embellished Skirt - BlackJanis Hand Embellished Skirt - Black
Sasha Hand Embellished Dress - Black MultiSasha Hand Embellished Dress - Black Multi
Chelsea Hand Beaded Top - BlackChelsea Hand Beaded Top - Black
Chelsea Hand Beaded Skirt - BlackChelsea Hand Beaded Skirt - Black
Sophie Skirt - BlackSophie Skirt - Black
Sophie Skirt - Black Sale price€89,95
Reese Velvet Top - BlackReese Velvet Top - Black
Reese Velvet Top - Black Sale price€59,95
Rue Mini Dress - BlackRue Mini Dress - Black
Rue Mini Dress - Black Sale price€79,95
Ray Headband - BlackRay Headband - Black
Ray Headband - Black Sale price€49,95
Janis Hand Embellished Top - BlackJanis Hand Embellished Top - Black
Mia Velvet Dress - BlackMia Velvet Dress - Black
Mia Velvet Dress - Black Sale price€179,95
Amel Earrings - Pearl/Silver/CrystalAmel Earrings - Pearl/Silver/Crystal