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Heirloom Beads

Meet our Heirloom Beads collection!
Folkster's hand beaded dresses, gowns, tops and skirts
- designed in Ireland
These pieces are perfect for so many of your special occasions, and will make sure you shine at your next event!


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59 products

Olympia Hand Embellished Gown - Blue MultiOlympia Hand Embellished Gown - Blue Multi
Finlay Hand Embellished Gown - Grey/BlueFinlay Hand Embellished Gown - Grey/Blue
Zelda Hand Beaded Gown - Dark SilverZelda Hand Beaded Gown - Dark Silver
Ari Hand Beaded Gown - CharcoalAri Hand Beaded Gown - Charcoal
Paige Hand Embellished Gown - BlackPaige Hand Embellished Gown - Black
Chelsea Hand Beaded Top - BlackChelsea Hand Beaded Top - Black
Chelsea Hand Beaded Skirt - BlackChelsea Hand Beaded Skirt - Black
Seraphina Dress - BlackSeraphina Dress - Black
Seraphina Dress - Black Sale price€139,95
Janis Hand Embellished Skirt - BlackJanis Hand Embellished Skirt - Black
Quinn Hand Beaded Gown - BlackQuinn Hand Beaded Gown - Black
Quinn Hand Beaded Gown - Black Sale price€259,95
Save €30,00Bryce Wrap Top - BlackBryce Wrap Top - Black
Bryce Wrap Top - Black Sale price€89,95 Regular price€119,95
Laurel Cape - BlackLaurel Cape - Black
Laurel Cape - Black Sale price€129,00
Azura Hand Beaded Dress - BlackAzura Hand Beaded Dress - Black
Seraphina Dress - NavySeraphina Dress - Navy
Seraphina Dress - Navy Sale price€139,95
Shailene Midi Dress - Midnight
Shailene Midi Dress - Midnight Sale price€139,95
Sara Dress - MidnightSara Dress - Midnight
Sara Dress - Midnight Sale price€149,95
Freya Hand Embellished Gown - MidnightFreya Hand Embellished Gown - Midnight
Save €89,05Robyn Dress - (Hand Beaded) GoldRobyn Dress - (Hand Beaded) Gold
Robyn Dress - (Hand Beaded) Gold Sale price€149,95 Regular price€239,00
Gwen Dress - Antique GoldGwen Dress - Antique Gold
Gwen Dress - Antique Gold Sale price€197,95
Annette Hand Beaded Gown - MochaAnnette Hand Beaded Gown - Mocha
Save €30,00Bryce Wrap Top - Antique GoldBryce Wrap Top - Antique Gold
Bryce Wrap Top - Antique Gold Sale price€89,95 Regular price€119,95
Annalise Cape - GoldAnnalise Cape - Gold
Annalise Cape - Gold Sale price€97,00
Robyn Gown (Hand Beaded) - Gold
Eviana Hand Beaded Dress - Antique GoldEviana Hand Beaded Dress - Antique Gold
Aryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - Antique GoldAryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - Antique Gold
Leandra Gown - Dusty RoseLeandra Gown - Dusty Rose
Leandra Gown - Dusty Rose Sale price€119,95
Vida Top - Dusty Rose
Vida Top - Dusty Rose Sale price€79,95
Save €71,05Audrina Hand Embroidered Midi Dress - MauveAudrina Hand Embroidered Midi Dress - Mauve
Audrina Hand Embroidered Midi Dress - Mauve Sale price€125,95 Regular price€197,00
Lexa Hand Beaded Gown - Dusty RoseLexa Hand Beaded Gown - Dusty Rose
Hazel Dress - RaspberryHazel Dress - Raspberry
Hazel Dress - Raspberry Sale price€139,95
Michaela Cape - MultiMichaela Cape - Multi
Michaela Cape - Multi Sale price€139,00
Shailene Mini Dress - BurgundyShailene Mini Dress - Burgundy
Shailene Mini Dress - Burgundy Sale price€129,95
Seraphina Dress - BurgundySeraphina Dress - Burgundy
Seraphina Dress - Burgundy Sale price€139,95
Ruby Dress - BurgundyRuby Dress - Burgundy
Ruby Dress - Burgundy Sale price€159,95
white floral midi dress by FolksterMadeline Hand Embellished Floral Midi Dress - Ivory Multi
Aryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - IvoryAryana Hand Beaded Mini Dress - Ivory
Estella Hand Beaded Midi Dress - IvoryEstella Hand Beaded Midi Dress - Ivory
Eviana Hand Beaded Dress - IvoryEviana Hand Beaded Dress - Ivory
Shailene Mini Dress - IvoryShailene Mini Dress - Ivory
Shailene Mini Dress - Ivory Sale price€129,95
Online OnlyMadeline Hand Embellished Midi Dress - Ivory
Save €89,05Robyn Dress (Hand Beaded) - Ivory
Robyn Dress (Hand Beaded) - Ivory Sale price€149,95 Regular price€239,00
Save €30,00Bryce Wrap Top - IvoryBryce Wrap Top - Ivory
Bryce Wrap Top - Ivory Sale price€89,95 Regular price€119,95
Annette Hand Beaded Gown - SageAnnette Hand Beaded Gown - Sage
Vida Top - SageVida Top - Sage
Vida Top - Sage Sale price€79,95
Leandra Hand Embellished Gown - SageLeandra Hand Embellished Gown - Sage
Boho Maxi Dress - SageBoho Maxi Dress - Sage
Boho Maxi Dress - Sage Sale price€109,95
Colette Hand Beaded Top - SageColette Hand Beaded Top - Sage
Vida Gown - SageVida Gown - Sage
Vida Gown - Sage Sale price€249,00