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Party Wear!

Our Folkster collection of the perfect dresses, capes, earrings, necklaces, heels, headbands, belts and bags to pair together for your work or celebration parties, wedding guest looks, family events, engagement parties and more!

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Suvi Dress - IvorySuvi Dress - Ivory
Suvi Dress - Ivory Sale price€197,95
Cassidy Dress - IvoryCassidy Dress - Ivory
Cassidy Dress - Ivory Sale price€197,95
Paige Belt - Black
Paige Belt - Black Sale price€29,95
Rae Fringe Jacket - BlackRae Fringe Jacket - Black
Rae Fringe Jacket - Black Sale price€179,95
Janis Hand Embellished Top - BlackJanis Hand Embellished Top - Black
Rue Mini Dress - BlackRue Mini Dress - Black
Rue Mini Dress - Black Sale price€79,95
Galaxy Headband - Black/Antique GoldGalaxy Headband - Black/Antique Gold
Blake Sheer Top - BlackBlake Sheer Top - Black
Blake Sheer Top - Black Sale price€49,95
Dixie Fringe Handbag - BlackDixie Fringe Handbag - Black
Dixie Fringe Handbag - Black Sale price€59,95
Reese Velvet Top - BlackReese Velvet Top - Black
Reese Velvet Top - Black Sale price€59,95
Janis Hand Embellished Skirt - BlackJanis Hand Embellished Skirt - Black
Chelsea Hand Beaded Top - BlackChelsea Hand Beaded Top - Black
Laura Duster - BlackLaura Duster - Black
Laura Duster - Black Sale price€79,95
Laura Trousers - BlackLaura Trousers - Black
Laura Trousers - Black Sale price€69,95
Chelsea Hand Beaded Skirt - BlackChelsea Hand Beaded Skirt - Black
Paige Headband - BlackPaige Headband - Black
Paige Headband - Black Sale price€24,95
Sophie Skirt - BlackSophie Skirt - Black
Sophie Skirt - Black Sale price€89,95
Quinn Hand Beaded Gown - BlackQuinn Hand Beaded Gown - Black
Quinn Hand Beaded Gown - Black Sale price€259,95
Rue Velvet Dress - BlackRue Velvet Dress - Black
Rue Velvet Dress - Black Sale price€197,95
Seraphina Dress - BlackSeraphina Dress - Black
Seraphina Dress - Black Sale price€139,95
Laurel Cape - BlackLaurel Cape - Black
Laurel Cape - Black Sale price€129,00
Faux Fur Shawl - BlackFaux Fur Shawl - Black
Faux Fur Shawl - Black Sale price€79,00
Rue Velvet Bodice - BlackRue Velvet Bodice - Black
Rue Velvet Bodice - Black Sale price€89,95
Paige Hand Embellished Gown - BlackPaige Hand Embellished Gown - Black
Edwina Gown - BlackEdwina Gown - Black
Edwina Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Luz Belt - Black/GoldLuz Belt - Black/Gold
Luz Belt - Black/Gold Sale price€24,95
Sasha Hand Embellished Dress - Black MultiSasha Hand Embellished Dress - Black Multi
Ray Headband - BlackRay Headband - Black
Ray Headband - Black Sale price€49,95
Michaela Cape - MultiMichaela Cape - Multi
Michaela Cape - Multi Sale price€139,00
Reese Luxe Velvet Dress - Forest GreenReese Luxe Velvet Dress - Forest Green
Fleur Velvet Gown - Forest GreenFleur Velvet Gown - Forest Green
Camila Gown - Forest GreenCamila Gown - Forest Green
Camila Gown - Forest Green Sale price€219,95
Rosie Gown (hand beaded) - Forest GreenRosie Gown (hand beaded) - Forest Green
Loni Gown - Forest GreenLoni Gown - Forest Green
Loni Gown - Forest Green Sale price€209,95
Yasmin Bracelet - OliveYasmin Bracelet - Olive
Yasmin Bracelet - Olive Sale price€29,95
Emily Hand Beaded Skirt - Forest GreenEmily Hand Beaded Skirt - Forest Green
Paige Hand Embellished Gown - KhakiPaige Hand Embellished Gown - Khaki
Savah Necklace - Gold/OliveSavah Necklace - Gold/Olive
Savah Necklace - Gold/Olive Sale price€19,95
Emily Hand Beaded Top - Forest GreenEmily Hand Beaded Top - Forest Green
Faro Necklace - Gold/OliveFaro Necklace - Gold/Olive
Faro Necklace - Gold/Olive Sale price€39,95
Ria Bracelet - OliveRia Bracelet - Olive
Ria Bracelet - Olive Sale price€44,95
Fleur Velvet Gown - MidnightFleur Velvet Gown - Midnight
Fleur Velvet Gown - Midnight Sale price€229,95
Flower Headband - Teal MultiFlower Headband - Teal Multi
Flower Headband - Teal Multi Sale price€39,95
Meghan Velvet Gown - TealMeghan Velvet Gown - Teal
Meghan Velvet Gown - Teal Sale price€229,95
Calla Velvet Dress - TealCalla Velvet Dress - Teal
Calla Velvet Dress - Teal Sale price€197,95
Mina Velvet Jumpsuit - TealMina Velvet Jumpsuit - Teal
Mina Velvet Jumpsuit - Teal Sale price€197,95
Seraphina Dress - NavySeraphina Dress - Navy
Seraphina Dress - Navy Sale price€139,95
Sara Dress - MidnightSara Dress - Midnight
Sara Dress - Midnight Sale price€149,95