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Midnight Garden

Ready for the elegance of classic black, the jewel tones of deepest burgundy, garnet, forest green, midnight - step in to Folkster's Midnight Garden collection of gowns, dresses and separates. The most elegant colour for Autumn and Winter events - from Bridesmaids to Black Tie, wedding guests to work parties.

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Shailene Mini Dress - BurgundyShailene Mini Dress - Burgundy
Shailene Mini Dress - Burgundy Sale price€129,95
Satara Earrings - BurgundySatara Earrings - Burgundy
Satara Earrings - Burgundy Sale price€19,95
Save €30,00Bryce Wrap Top - BlackBryce Wrap Top - Black
Bryce Wrap Top - Black Sale price€89,95 Regular price€119,95
Imperial Belt  - BerryImperial Belt  - Berry
Imperial Belt - Berry Sale price€44,95
Save €60,00Hilary Gown - BlackHilary Gown - Black
Hilary Gown - Black Sale price€139,95 Regular price€199,95
Fleur Velvet Gown - BurgundyFleur Velvet Gown - Burgundy
Fleur Velvet Gown - Burgundy Sale price€229,95
Maye Gown - BurgundyMaye Gown - Burgundy
Maye Gown - Burgundy Sale price€179,95
Tallie Gown - BurgundyTallie Gown - Burgundy
Tallie Gown - Burgundy Sale price€209,95
Seraphina Dress - BlackSeraphina Dress - Black
Seraphina Dress - Black Sale price€139,95
Rian Velvet Gown - BlackRian Velvet Gown - Black
Rian Velvet Gown - Black Sale price€229,95
Save €24,50Albi Heels - BurgundyAlbi Heels - Burgundy
Albi Heels - Burgundy Sale price€24,50 Regular price€49,00
Yvette Velvet Gown - BurgundyYvette Velvet Gown - Burgundy
Yvette Velvet Gown - Burgundy Sale price€259,95
Laurel Cape - BlackLaurel Cape - Black
Laurel Cape - Black Sale price€129,00
Seraphina Dress - BurgundySeraphina Dress - Burgundy
Seraphina Dress - Burgundy Sale price€139,95
Rowe High/Low Gown - BurgundyRowe High/Low Gown - Burgundy
Rowe High/Low Gown - Burgundy Sale price€189,95
Faux Fur Shawl - BlackFaux Fur Shawl - Black
Faux Fur Shawl - Black Sale price€79,00
Fabia High Back Gown - BurgundyFull length shot of the back of the wrap style evening dress
Save €68,00Zola Luxe Dress - BurgundyZola Luxe Dress - Burgundy
Zola Luxe Dress - Burgundy Sale price€129,95 Regular price€197,95
Marissa Gown - BurgundyMarissa Gown - Burgundy
Marissa Gown - Burgundy Sale price€189,95
Loni Gown - BurgundyLoni Gown - Burgundy
Loni Gown - Burgundy Sale price€209,95
Renee Gown - BlackRenee Gown - Black
Renee Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Yvette Velvet Gown - BlackYvette Velvet Gown - Black
Yvette Velvet Gown - Black Sale price€259,95
Luda Velvet Gown - BurgundyLuda Velvet Gown - Burgundy
Luda Velvet Gown - Burgundy Sale price€169,95
Renata High Back Satin Gown - BlackRenata High Back Satin Gown - Black
Tessa Skirt - BurgundyTessa Skirt - Burgundy
Tessa Skirt - Burgundy Sale price€79,95
Save €90,00Helene Velvet Gown - BurgundyHelene Velvet Gown - Burgundy
Helene Velvet Gown - Burgundy Sale price€159,95 Regular price€249,95
Yvette Velvet Midi Dress - MidnightYvette Velvet Midi Dress - Midnight
One of Folkster's wrap occasion dresses from the Renata collectionback view of Renata dress showing v back detail
Sara Dress - MidnightSara Dress - Midnight
Sara Dress - Midnight Sale price€149,95
Shailene Midi Dress - Midnight
Shailene Midi Dress - Midnight Sale price€139,95
Emaline Belt - NavyEmaline Belt - Navy
Emaline Belt - Navy Sale price€39,95
Fleur Velvet Gown - MidnightFleur Velvet Gown - Midnight
Fleur Velvet Gown - Midnight Sale price€229,95
Imperial Belt - MidnightImperial Belt - Midnight
Imperial Belt - Midnight Sale price€44,95
Fabia High Back Satin Gown - BlackFabia High Back Satin Gown - Black
one of Folkster's ankle length dressesFabia High Back Gown - Midnight
Romita Gown - MidnightRomita Gown - Midnight
Romita Gown - Midnight Sale price€149,95
Loni Gown - MidnightLoni Gown - Midnight
Loni Gown - Midnight Sale price€209,95
Baker Beaded Belt - MidnightBaker Beaded Belt - Midnight
Baker Beaded Belt - Midnight Sale price€29,95
Fleur Gown - BlackFleur Gown - Black
Fleur Gown - Black Sale price€189,95
Seraphina Dress - NavySeraphina Dress - Navy
Seraphina Dress - Navy Sale price€139,95
Renata High Back Gown - M1 - MidnightRenata High Back Gown - M1 - Midnight
Rian Gown - MidnightRian Gown - Midnight
Rian Gown - Midnight Sale price€179,95
Inda Gown - TealInda Gown - Teal
Inda Gown - Teal Sale price€179,95
Marissa Gown - MidnightMarissa Gown - Midnight
Marissa Gown - Midnight Sale price€189,95
Renata High Back Gown - MidnightRenata High Back Gown - Midnight
Maye Gown - MidnightMaye Gown - Midnight
Maye Gown - Midnight Sale price€179,95
Save €30,00Cassia Top - MidnightCassia Top - Midnight
Cassia Top - Midnight Sale price€29,95 Regular price€59,95