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Necklace with pink stones 05 - Silver Tone

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These Pendant Necklaces come with a range of different Crystals/Stones as their feature along with smaller stone detailing around the chain of the necklace!

Each of theses pendants have special crystal meanings behind them so why not choose one that suits you best!

Rose Quartz: (Unconditional Love, Self Esteem, Heart Healing, Calming and Soothing, Attract Love and Trust)

Amazonite: (Inspires Truth and Clarity, Sincerity, Self- Love, Communication and Integrity & Trust)

Lace Agate: (Inner stability, Composure, Security & Self-confidence

Picture Jasper: (Creativity, Perseverance, Healing and Enlightenment)

Tiger Eye: (Self-confidence, empowerment, motivation & strength)

Dalmatian Jasper: (Joy, Safety & Security and to connect with our inner child)

Turquoise: (Communication & Expression, Good fortune & Tranquility)

Dendrite Opal: (Personal growth & Stress reduction)

Sodalite: (Wisdom, Dignity, Communication & Intuition)

Amethyst Quartz: (Balancing emotions, smooths stress, Initiate wisdom)

Necklace with pink stones 05 - Silver Tone
Necklace with pink stones 05 - Silver Tone Sale price€9,95