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Aquarius - Chilli Pepper Growing Kit

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Long ago people used to watch the sky and the constellations to ascertain when they should sow their seeds. Inside the kit you will find a seed bomb, a substrate tablet and a biodegradable germination pot.



The best months for sowing are February and March. You need to choose a very sunny spot, taking into account that it doesn’t resist frost. Must be very well watered during the 15-20 days that the sprouts take to come out, and then moderately watered, avoiding both drying out and flooding or soaking the leaves. Once the plants have grown to a reasonable height, transplant directly into the ground or into a 10-litre pot, adding natural fertiliser or compost for them to develop correctly. Fruits can be harvested between the middle of summer until the end of autumn.

Aquarius - Chilli Pepper Growing Kit
Aquarius - Chilli Pepper Growing Kit Sale price€9,95