Bridal Appointment Fee


We are SO excited to see you! 

We have introduced a 20 euro appointment fee for Folkster Bridal - and we hope you can understand why we have had to introduce this change. At the end of your appointment, you can use your 20 euro fee against any purchase, either with us or in the main Folkster store :) 

Why we have to introduce the fee :

As a small business - these appointments really mean a lot to us. We plan our rota and our team based on our calendar of appointments. This means that no-shows really affect us financially, especially at this difficult time when we are working so hard to try and get our team all back together again. 

We also have a cancellation list of customers waiting for these appointments too who would be devastated to miss out, when it could have been so easily organised through a 72 hour notice cancellation mail. 

We are SO, so grateful to our amazing customers who are considerate of these reasons, and are very appreciative of your understanding that we are trying to be as fair as possible with this fee :) 

Policy on your Appointment fee: 

The bridal policy is different from our regular store's bridesmaid policy. Our availability is much smaller than the regular stores and so to be fair, we want to make sure we accommodate brides who really want to find their gown with us. :)

At the end of your pre-booked appointment, your appointment fee will be exchanged for Folkster credit which can be used against any Folkster Bridal purchase on the day or at future appointments! If you don't find your gown with us - don't worry - you can use it in our main Folkster stores or online at :) 

Please note : the fee is not refundable. Items purchased with the store credit can only be returned for store credit, not refund. 

Need to cancel? 

Don't worry, we know life happens - so you CAN get a refund if you give us at least 72 hours cancellation notice before the start of your pre-booked appointment :) We accept cancellations by email only : please email BRIDAL@FOLKSTER.COM with the date and time of your appointment and the full name it was booked under. 

{Please note:  We unfortunately can not accept phone calls, social media messages, voicemails or missed calls as a cancellation.}

Any appointments cancelled  less than 72 hours before the appointment commencing will not be forfeit the fee, meaning no return/refund or store credit of the fee.  

We're so SO sorry to be strict on this, but we unfortunately have to be. Once again we thank you sincerely for your understanding of this deposit situation - and we look forward to seeing you! :) 

Have a question about sizing? Please pop us a mail to :) 


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