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At Folkster, we understand the importance of finding the perfect Gown for life's most memorable moments. Our carefully curated selection of bridesmaids gowns and black-tie gowns have been designed by our team to be comfortable, stylish and easy to mix and match. Gowns your bridesmaids will want to wear again and again

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Rian Gown - Olive 0522Rian Gown - Olive 0522
Rian Gown - Olive 0522 Sale price€179,95
Fleur Velvet Gown - OliveFleur Velvet Gown - Olive
Fleur Velvet Gown - Olive Sale price€229,95
Clara Velvet Gown - Olive GreenClara Velvet Gown - Olive Green
Fabia High Back Gown - Dusty BlueFabia High Back Gown - Dusty Blue
Renata High Back Gown - Dusty BlueRenata High Back Gown - Dusty Blue
Save €60,00Nero Gown - Cashmere BlueNero Gown - Cashmere Blue
Nero Gown - Cashmere Blue Sale price€159,95 Regular price€219,95
Fabia High Back Satin Gown - PetrolFabia High Back Satin Gown - Petrol
Save €60,00Nero Gown - TealNero Gown - Teal
Nero Gown - Teal Sale price€159,95 Regular price€219,95
Rian Gown - PetrolRian Gown - Petrol
Rian Gown - Petrol Sale price€179,95
Naomi Gown - Infinity BlueNaomi Gown - Infinity Blue
Naomi Gown - Infinity Blue Sale price€219,95
Tallie Gown - MidnightTallie Gown - Midnight
Tallie Gown - Midnight Sale price€209,95
Romita Gown - MidnightRomita Gown - Midnight
Romita Gown - Midnight Sale price€149,95
Rian Sequin Gown - Forest GreenRian Sequin Gown - Forest Green
Marissa Gown - MidnightMarissa Gown - Midnight
Marissa Gown - Midnight Sale price€189,95
one of Folkster's ankle length dressesFabia High Back Gown - Midnight
Renata High Back Gown - MidnightRenata High Back Gown - Midnight
Renata High Back Gown - M1 - MidnightRenata High Back Gown - M1 - Midnight
Rian Gown - MidnightRian Gown - Midnight
Rian Gown - Midnight Sale price€179,95
Inda Gown - TealInda Gown - Teal
Inda Gown - Teal Sale price€179,95
Maddox Gown - Forest GreenMaddox Gown - Forest Green
Maddox Gown - Forest Green Sale price€197,95
Fleur Satin Gown - Forest GreenFleur Satin Gown - Forest Green
Renee Gown - Forest GreenRenee Gown - Forest Green
Renee Gown - Forest Green Sale price€189,95
Save €83,98Sara Gown - Emerald GreenSara Gown - Emerald Green
Sara Gown - Emerald Green Sale price€195,97 Regular price€279,95
Sold outAyla Gown - Forest GreenAyla Gown - Forest Green
Ayla Gown - Forest Green Sale price€179,95
Luda Velvet Gown - Forest GreenLuda Velvet Gown - Forest Green
Marissa Velvet Gown - Forest GreenMarissa Velvet Gown - Forest Green
Folkster off the shoulder maxi dress style of evening gown in Forest GreenYvette Gown - Forest Green
Yvette Gown - Forest Green Sale price€179,95
Terra Gown - Forest GreenTerra Gown - Forest Green
Terra Gown - Forest Green Sale price€159,95
Meadow Gown - Forest GreenMeadow Gown - Forest Green
Meadow Gown - Forest Green Sale price€179,95
Save €100,00Calla Gown - SageCalla Gown - Sage
Calla Gown - Sage Sale price€89,95 Regular price€189,95
Save €88,78Annette Hand Beaded Gown - SageAnnette Hand Beaded Gown - Sage
Annette Hand Beaded Gown - Sage Sale price€207,17 Regular price€295,95
Lexa Hand Beaded Gown - SageLexa Hand Beaded Gown - Sage
Lexa Hand Beaded Gown - Sage Sale price€229,00
Save €46,00Vida Gown - SageVida Gown - Sage
Vida Gown - Sage Sale price€249,00 Regular price€295,00
Stellar Gown - Sage
Stellar Gown - Sage Sale price€197,95
Leandra Hand Embellished Gown - SageLeandra Hand Embellished Gown - Sage
sage green silky wrap dressside view of satin dress showing length of dress
Fabia High Back Gown - Sage Sale price€179,95
Save €90,00Danya Tulle Gown - Sage GreenDanya Tulle Gown - Sage Green
Danya Tulle Gown - Sage Green Sale price€79,95 Regular price€169,95
Meadow Gown - Sage 1222Meadow Gown - Sage 1222
Meadow Gown - Sage 1222 Sale price€179,95
Lexa Hand Beaded Gown - Dusty RoseLexa Hand Beaded Gown - Dusty Rose
Evelyn Hand Embellished Gown - BeigeEvelyn Hand Embellished Gown - Beige
Lopez Gown - Dusty Rose
Lopez Gown - Dusty Rose Sale price€239,95
Leandra Gown - Dusty RoseLeandra Gown - Dusty Rose
Leandra Gown - Dusty Rose Sale price€119,95
Yvette Gown - Dusty RoseYvette Gown - Dusty Rose
Yvette Gown - Dusty Rose Sale price€179,95
Maribel Gown - Dusty RoseMaribel Gown - Dusty Rose
Maribel Gown - Dusty Rose Sale price€169,95
Meadow Gown - Dusty RoseMeadow Gown - Dusty Rose
Meadow Gown - Dusty Rose Sale price€179,95
Rowe High/Low Gown - Dusty Rose
Marissa Gown - Dusty RoseMarissa Gown - Dusty Rose
Marissa Gown - Dusty Rose Sale price€189,95
one of Folkster's dusty rose bridesmaid dresses in the Fabia collectionFabia High Back Gown - Dusty Rose