The Book Of Answers : the gift book that became an internet sensation, offering both enlightenment and entertainment


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AS SEEN ON TIKTOK: The Book of Answers holds the solution you've been looking for. Ask a yes or no question, open the book and find your answer... Is my partner the one?Should I travel this weekend?Should I ask my boss for a pay rise?The perfect gift for those looking for new perspectives and enlightenment...or simply (spookily accurate) fun!HOW TO USE THE BOOK OF ANSWERS:1.

Simply hold the closed book in your hands and take ten to fifteen seconds to concentrate on your question. 2. Whilst visualising or saying your question out loud, place one palm on the book's front cover and stroke the edge of the pages back to front.

3. When you sense the time is right, open to the page your fingers land on and there is your answer!Beautifully packaged with over 700 guiding insights, The Book of Answers is a brilliant and original gift.

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