Joyrider - Angela Scanlon

Gratitude is your soul's superfood, but cheaper than goji berries, and twice as good for you. I like to think of it as mindfulness for cynics or the "gateway drug"to spirituality. It's a very tangible thing you can do everyday that will shift your focus to what you have rather than pining and obsessing over what you don't have. Away from a state of lack into limitless abundance...' 

So what happens when we stop taking things for granted and start putting some grá* into our gratitude? When we consciously turn our heads and hea
rts to what we have and focus on the good? In Joy Rider, television presenter and host of the podcast Thanks A Million, Angela Scanlon, presents her guide to tapping into your own natural super resource - joy.

This book is an invitation to embrace the kind of gratitude that cuts through thebulls**t of life to its truth, connecting us with the present and grounding us inself. When there is so much to feel anxious about, Angela shares with readershow focusing our attention on the small, incremental positives in life cancompletely change it for the better.

* It means love in Irish

288 pages

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