Fabulously Feisty Queens


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"Do you know about the fierce and fearsome pirate who dared to challenge the Queen of England? Or the Indian daughter of a slave who became a warrior queen? And what about the Hungarian princess who became a king when she was just 11...?

From ancient empresses and warrior queens, to fearsome pirates and modern-day monarchs, Fabulously Feisty Queens explores the lives and legacies of history's most powerful women.

Made of stronger stuff than beauty and grace, discover just how bright, brave, brilliant and clever the world's female rulers have been throughout the centuries.

With a foreword by historian and Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, Lucy Worsley and illustrations by Pauline Reeves.

Product Dimensions : 24.8 x 0.8 x 27.4 cm

Reading level : 5 - 7 years

Hardcover : 32 pages"

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