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Bridal Virtual Appointment Deposit

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We are SO excited to see you! 

Why we are charging deposits: As a small business - these appointments mean a lot to us. We plan our rota and our team based on our calendar of appointments. This means that no-shows really affect us financially, especially at this difficult time when we are working so hard to try and get our team all back together again.

We also have a cancellation list of customers waiting for these appointments too who would be devastated to miss out when it could have been easily organised through a proper 72 hour notice cancellation

We are SO grateful to our amazing customers who are considerate of these reasons, and are very appreciative of your understanding. 

Refund Policy on your deposit

This deposit will be refunded for two reasons :

1. At the end of your booked appointment, your deposit will be refunded through the original method of payment. 


2. If you need to cancel, please note the deposit is only refundable if you provide at MINIMUM 72 hours cancellation notice before your appointment is to start.

For example if your appointment is at 2pm on the 26th, you need to cancel before 2pm on the 23rd.

To cancel: We accept cancellations through email only >> <<

If you can not reach a member of the team, you must leave a voicemail as proof of your cancellation..

Cancellations will unfortunately not be accepted via social media as these are not manned as frequently as our email or customer care and may be missed. 

Refunds on the deposit will not be processed unless we have the email or the voice mail. We unfortunately can not accept that there was an attempt to call as a valid cancellation. We must have a voicemail or in writing to prove it was cancelled at least 72 hours before your booked appointments were due to start. 

Once again we thank you sincerely for your understanding of this deposit situation - and we look forward to seeing you!

Bridal Virtual Appointment Deposit
Bridal Virtual Appointment Deposit Sale price€20,00