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Although our Bridal store may be closed due to Govt restrictions, we are now offering Virtual Appointments so you can get the best idea of our 'Off the Rack' Bridal Collection! This service is ideally suited to those brides who may no longer have the time to order in a gown, are getting married in the next 6 months, or who love the idea of having their dream wedding dress sorted now!

If you find a gown you love, you can then opt to use our 'Try at Home Service' which we can chat with you about during your Virtual Appointment :)

Please note: To confirm your booking we will require a 20 euro deposit, which will be refundable at the end of your appointment.

Due to COVID-19 store closures, Folkster appointments are now available via Zoom!

We've created an online Folkster appointment experience with our top stylists, some mannequins - and YOU :) It’s available for you and your bridesmaids to Zoom into wherever you are in the world. Choose your time, pay a refundable €20 deposit and you’re all set! (Fee is refunded at the end of the booked appointment whether you make any purchases or not :))

Here's what your appointment will entail :

🌟 A 45 minute appointment with one of our head stylists
🌟 The stylist takes you through all of our 'Off the Rack' bridal gown options in your size, which styles and shapes might work best for the look you're after :)
🌟 Talk through different accessories options with your favourite gowns
🌟 Responding to your feedback live and making changes
🌟 Advise you on our 'Try At Home' service, where we can send you your max. two favourite gowns to try on at home!

If you find some styles you think would work for you and your day, we have a 'Try At Home' service, where we will send you your two favourite gowns, along with one of our beautiful hairpieces, so you can get the full look in the comfort of your own home!

Hopefully from this, you will get 'the feeling' and find your wedding gown!

'Try At Home' Service is only available to those who use our Virtual Appointment :) This service is €100 (non-refundable), which accounts for return shipping Bridal gowns to you, in addition to the full purchase price of any gown.




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          Please note : By confirming your Folkster Bridal appointment, you agree that while we endeavour to do our very best not to sell the same dress to the same inner social circle, we hope you can understand that it is impossible for any store to guarantee that it can be fully prevented. We do our best though!

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