Greenspiration: The Folkster Green Dresses of 2021!

2021 was the year of Green Gown Queens in Folkster✨

Did you know there are over 200 shades of green? Amazing, right! Yet, three shades caught our bride's eyes in 2021. Sage green, olive green and forest green flew off of the Folkster racks and landed on bridesmaids, debutantes and dinner dates across the world. These green-toned gowns and dresses were hugely popular from satin gowns to beaded bridesmaid dresses and everything in between. They made our Folkster stylists green with envy, who wouldn’t love an event to don a Folkster gown?

Are you wondering, ‘why a green bridesmaid dress? Well, green symbolises growth, refreshment, peace and is just an amazing colour. Not to mention, the colour compliments almost any skin tone and adds a timeless feel to any wedding palette- need we say more?

Sage Green:

Sage green was a huge hit. The colour is super versatile, no wonder our Folkster brides loved our sage green bridesmaid dresses so much. Sage is easy to mix and match with a myriad of other pastel bridesmaids dresses like dusty rose and dusty blue, as well as some vibrant colours like fuchsia. By adding a Folkster belt and earrings, your light green dress is immediately elevated, and a pop of sparkle is super fun. The Maye Gown was our top sage dress in 2021, and we totally understand why! The V neckline and full skirt mean you are fully concealed whilst showcasing that beautiful silhouette. 

 Maye Gown Sage


Maye Gown Sage

Olive Green:

Olive green was a staple colour across gown and dress styles. Loads of bridesmaids chose our Fabia Gowns and Renata Gowns in olive green. These gowns are perfect, not only for bridesmaids, but also for black-tie events, and even an alternative green debs dress look! Pair Delilah Heels in gold, add a Folkster Feather Belt and you will be ready to rock all day long . Our olive green dresses are available in chiffon, velvet and satin. ‘Olive’ Folkster, loves olive dresses ;)

 Fabia Olive


Fabia Olive

Forest Green:

In flowing chiffon, silky satin or luxurious velvet, forest green is a no-brainer in our eyes. The Loni Gown in forest green is to die for and is such a universal tone, it will suit almost every bridesmaid. Brides loved this green velvet wrap dress, for its stretch fabric and because it is a maxi dress with long sleeves, which so many of you request. This beautiful forest green bridesmaid dress is sure to add texture and tie your whole theme together. Our Loni Gowns also come in burgundy and midnight, these colours match amazingly well with some Springtime florals, who said velvet was just for winter? 

Our Forest Green gown staples range from velvet Bardot dresses to flutter sleeve dresses and range from Maxi dress length to tea dress length.

 Loni Gown


Loni Gown


Unsure whether you want a floor-length or knee-length dress, or maybe a bridesmaid skirt and top combo? Let our Folkster stylists help you on your quest to find the perfect bridesmaids dress. Did you know we stock from an XS to a 5XL?

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