5 Reasons to Show Off Your Ankles ;) Why Our Midi-Length Dresses Could be The Perfect Fit…

Getting your best friends into bridesmaid attire and ready to stand with you on the altar will be so much fun, but sometimes finding that perfect look is no easy feat!

Especially if a satin wrap dress or ruffle dress doesn’t float your boat ;) You know the ones you’ve seen a thousand times before!

In Folkster, we are here to help! We aim to have unique and modern styles for you and your gang to peruse - no more tea-length bridesmaid dresses or knee-length dresses, these are the 5 reasons to reach for our collection of Midi and short dresses :)

  1. You’re Having a Beautiful Sun-Kissed Wedding

As summer draws closer and the temperature begins to rise, you might be thinking a tea-length bridesmaids dress is going to ensure that your bridesmaids stay cool for the day, but a midi-length dress will do the same job while being a bit more in style :) 

There’s also great flow in our high low bridesmaid dresses to get that air circulating and get them swishing onto the dancefloor after your gorgeous ceremony!

Your bridesmaids will thank you for picking midi-length dresses or high low bridesmaids dresses (like our gorgeous Fabia Gowns!), especially if your special day is in sunnier climates.

Fabia Gowns

2. Show off those Dancing Shoes!

Leaving room for shoe expression is a major plus with a high low bridesmaids dress :) 

Our Delilah Heels love their moment in the spotlight (we love them so much we cloned them in 9** different shades, so you will find your match). 

From walking the aisle to treading the dance floor, your heels will be on show and admired from all around. Not to mention, our Delilah Heels are renowned for comfort and the block heel doesn’t get stuck in the gravel, unlike some kitten heels or skillet heels. I think we’ve all been there!!

 Delilah Heels Gold
Delilah Heels Pewter
  1. You’re an Alternative Bride

At Folkster, we love everything from a more traditional bridesmaid dress silhouette to alternative bridesmaids attire and bridesmaids skirts paired with beaded tops

We have a great selection of colour choices available, including white dresses :) Due to your feedback, we've been adding to our white dress collection steadily and these styles are a big hit! 

 So, if you’re an alternative bride, our collection of white dress options in different fabrics and lengths could work for your wedding day (and your bridesmaids or day 2 look!)

Our Alena Dress is perfect for so many occasions and is only one of many midi length occasion dresses in our collection. It comes in olive, rust, dusty coral aannnnd ivory - one colour was simply not enough! We love that Alena could work for a bride and her bridesmaids, in different shades.

Don’t stress formalities, enjoy your style, add your accessories, and have a great day. 

Alena Midi Olive Alena Midi Coral Alena Midi Rust Alena Midi Ivory
  1. Your Bridesmaids are Petite

Sometimes, just sometimes, a maxi dress does not suit a petite bridesmaid and that is A-Ok. Folkster has created styles that allow for height diversity amongst your bridesmaid's group :)

A high low bridesmaid dress is ideal for a mixed height group of bridesmaids, like our Renata Gown and Fabia Gown styles. You could also choose different gowns but in the same colour palette, to suit different heights and figures! You can search styles by colour here.

We love seeing your creativity within our collection!

Did you know, If one of our non-beaded maxi dresses tickles your fancy, then you can very easily get it altered with your own trusted alteration service? There are so many options to have a gown fit you perfectly, like having the 3/4 sleeve on our Renata Gowns lifted to accentuate the waistline for a petite bridesmaidHaving pieces that are easy to alter is important to us, and part of the reason we love designing our own gowns here in Ireland!

Our team of amazing stylists in Folkster Kilkenny and Folkster Dundrum are full of insider tips and will be able to advise you on what styles will suit your needs perfectly. For a bridesmaids group, including junior bridesmaids, having an appointment in one of our stores is a great day out and helps narrow your search.

              You can book a bridesmaids appointment here!                              

Renata Gown Sage Renata Gown Dusty Rose Renata Gown Rust Renata Gown Midnight
  1. Your Bridesmaids Can Wear Them Again!

At Folkster, our design team keeps sustainability in mind when designing all Folkster gowns, dresses, accessories and everything else! Our full length, maxi dresses and midi-dresses are versatile and of amazing quality, which allows a former bridesmaid to wear them again and again on different occasions :)

Our collection of skirt and top combos are always in demand too for this very reason! There’s ample opportunity to style one of our skirts with a t-shirt or jumper, or our beaded top with a wide-leg pant and be worn again after the big day! 

Our favourite saying is ‘wear what you love’ so don’t be afraid to reach for your Folkster pieces and have fun styling them!  And go on, tag @shopfolkster on Instagram or Facebook - we LOVE seeing how you style your look!


Book a Folkster Bridesmaids appointment in Folkster Kilkenny or Folkster Dundrum today!